Ready-Mix Concrete

We deliver ready-mixed concrete for all requirements in the construction and large-scale industry as well as agricultural construction.

Delivery reliability is the core of our service. Our experienced staff and modern, efficient and versatile transportation equipment ensure that the right amount of concrete is delivered in the right place at the right time. Our concrete pumps can reach up to 25 - 40 metres, with extension hoses up to 70 metres.

Our versatile range of ready-mixed concrete also comprises time-saving fibre concrete. It saves time by making reinforcement at the site unnecessary due to plastic or steel fibres that are mixed in the concrete during its production.

For special orders, we produce:

  • waterproof concrete
  • weatherproof concrete
  • self-sealing concrete
  • sulphate-proof concrete
  • hot concrete suitable for winter conditions
  • NP concrete enabling faster coating
  • fast and slowly hardening concrete