Quality thinking

Constant development is an integral part of our quality thinking.

Our entire operation is guided by our striving for more individual service and products with higher quality.

We are constantly aiming for a more versatile and comprehensive customer service. In addition, we are constantly developing our product range and its features to meet our customers’ needs even better.

We have completed the modernisation of the concrete plant production lines, and now we can produce our products more efficiently and with more precision.

At the Pietarsaari production facility, we now produce CE-marked sludge collector elements for farms.


The values of JA-KO Betoni Ltd consists of three basic principles: we want to offer our customers the best customer experience, maintain the quality of our products, and to be a good employer and partner. In addition to high-quality products, we offer honest, reliable and competent service to our customers.

JA-KO Betoni Ltd develops its operation in a sustainable way, and by taking care of the environment.

Our values are built around one slogan: “Let’s do well together.”