Jaakko Eloranta appointed new managing director / CEO of JA-KO Betoni 

Starting 1 January 2021, JA-KO Betoni Ltd’s new managing director / CEO will be our long-standing director Jaakko Eloranta, 48, who will continue to be based at our headquarters in Kokkola.

JA-KO Betoni’s current managing director / CEO , Risto Väänänen, will be transferred to a position in our parent company, Ruskon Betoni.

“I would like to thank the Väänänens, the family who owns Ruskon Betoni, for investing in JA-KO Betoni’s development with high-quality materials and modern plants and equipment. We want to continue to make our company better, offer our customers the best customer experience, ensure that our products are of the highest quality and be seen as a desirable employer and partner”, says Eloranta, JA-KO Betoni’s newly appointed director.

Väänänen: “As our company has grown and developed, I have taken pleasure in seeing our staff grow with us, and I know they are committed to moving the company forward in the future as well. JA-KO Betoni has an expert organisation that makes it easy for us, the company owners, to rely on. Jaakko has successfully handled JA-KO Betoni’s operations for years now, and it is with great pleasure that I now pass the baton of director to him. Together with our subsidiary companies, we can make the entire group better and move steadily towards a bright future.”