50 years of experience

JA-KO Betoni Ltd is a professional concrete company based in Kokkola. It has a total of 50 years of experience from the concrete industry. Our customers can choose from a versatile range of concrete products and ready-mixed concrete.

Ready-mixed concrete plants under construction in Närpes and Korsholm

The plants are due to open in winter 2018/2019. More information will be available as the plants are completed.

How our pole foundations and safety poles did in impact tests

In the test, a car crashed into a pole at 75 km/h with highly successful results.

Pole Foundations
Sludge collector elements

Our range now also includes sludge collector elements

Our Jakobstad plant produces CE-marked sludge collector elements to serve the needs of agriculture.

Sludge collector elements
Concrete pump

Our new concrete pump tried and tested at the LIDL construction site

Thanks to our new pump, we can now serve large construction sites even more efficiently.

Ready-Mix Concrete